Personalized Special Beta Experience

It’s been a bit more than a month, since I launched the first beta of The Architect.
As you may know, I had the closed beta open for about 48 hours: I sent a personalized demo everybody who filed a request on the website. The customization took 30-50 minutes for a single demo, depending on my experience creating and testing it.
It was a short experiment mainly, because more demo requests would overload me – taking in count, that I did in my spare time.

Some stats:

  • advertised on 4 places: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit; only once on each
  • 19 demos sent out
  • most people came from Reddit
  • 4 responses with useful feedback received

The result: 31 issues and a few bugs reported (most of them are fixed by now). Also, posted a FeedbackFriday post to Reddit – two very useful feedbacks came in.

Let’s see some screenshots!

Main Menu

I’ll leave to you to discover what’s new and what’s changed in the game. How does it look now?

PS: Next Beta coming soon!

A new level complete!

As I have build-in level designer in The Architect, it’s pretty easy to design new levels. Today I just added a fun one: Can you get’em all?The Architect second screenshot

I think I should get used to the level design, so I can create more complex levels. The ones I create these days are for the beta demo, which will be released soon to selected people.

Let us begin…

This is my development blog for the games I’ll be making. For now, I’m developing The Architect, which is a fast paced logic game. You can check the minimal details on the game’s page. It will be released for Windows, Linux and OSX, later, if I see, that it’s fun for others too, I’ll make the iPad version too.

It’s a 0 budget game, meaning, that I use royalty free resources or I create them. All the development is done on my spare time – I wrote every single line of code.
Here’s a screenshot, for those, who didn’t see it yet:
The Architect - first screenshot